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“Phil worked with me, and a multi disciplinary community based team to support us through a radical change programme.  It was a massive challenge as he was greeted with unhappy and confused staff.

He helped me to develop and to lead the team in a different way.  Phil spent time understanding the way I thought and behaved; and helped me to challenge and reflect upon my thinking and beliefs about leadership and management.  As a team we learned how to effect positive long term change.

Phil helped me change from being a manager to a more effective and proactive leader, focusing my time, energy and resources on acting on the right things.  Phil enabled me to challenge and understand our work in a different way.

The team with Phil’s encouragement, guidance and experience developed tools that shaped our practice and provide evidence of what worked.  Phil worked with individuals to support them in understanding – this was not an easy task due to the team feeling exposed and challenged. Phil modified his response and level of support depending on the situation.

We now deliver better outcomes for service users at less cost.  Employee engagement and morale has improved dramatically.

It has been a challenging and difficult experience for me affecting the changes that I wanted to see was not easy, however my personal growth and development has been significant; this would not have happened without Phil’s support, encouragement, prompting and coaching throughout the process.”

Karen Burton, Team Manager, Integrated Community Team – Health and Social Care

“Phil has provided both me personally, and the organisation, with some really excellent support around our OD agenda. He is very knowledgable, customer focused, intuitive and innovative. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Jamie Sims, HRD, Local Government 

“Working with Phil has allowed me to reevaluate my career and goals, I’m extremely grateful for the impact this has had. Phil’s ability to construct an enjoyable, congruent and engaging approach to each session has meant his skills and expertise have helped me to experience personal and professional growth and face new challenges with confidence.”

Steve Devine, Digital Consultant, Cultural Sector

“I was first introduced to Phil nearly 10 years ago when he was allocated as my external mentor on the National Graduate Development Programme for local government.

I always found our sessions very instructive in enabling me to establish my career priorities and formulate a plan to try and achieve these. He helped me to understand that my interests lay in the field of regeneration and I spent a few years in London in a range of exciting project work.

After a career gap to work, travel abroad and start a family I have been able to talk to Phil again about how this has affected my career direction. After an insightful coaching session  I have revisited my plan with specific tasks to help me and again pursued jobs in the regeneration field.

I am delighted to have just been offered a full time role after nearly three and a half years of fulfilling other activities. I thank Phil for taking the time to talk to me and relighting my enthusiasm and confidence for pursuing a career in local government.”

Reena Davies, Project Analyst, Portsmouth Council.

“I believe that my coaching sessions have been a revelation.”

Head of Service, District Council

“I have found each of the sessions with Phil incredibly helpful. They have opened up areas of my life – both work and home, which I had “buried” for years. Each session has provided me with a real insight into my learning style, management style, and behavioural traits. Phil has been a major inspiration and helped me to get to know myself better.”

Chief Executive, District Council

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