Executive, and Team Coaching

Executive Coaching

At senior level it’s often not appropriate to ‘bare your soul’ share your real thinking, and feelings with other colleagues.  It could be because you are the boss. It might be because you feel that as a senior leader this is what you have to put up with ‘it goes with the patch’. Or for you it may be more about the culture of the organisation- admit a ‘weakness’ and others will exploit it.

This is where an experienced coach can make a real difference. Enabling you to take time out to really reflect upon organisational and personal challenges that are impacting your ability to gain fulfilment. Time is always precious; priorities seem always to be competing. Relationships can sometimes be difficult –‘if only people saw things the way I do, and just got on with it.’

  • You may be on top of your game and wanting to keep it that way
  • You may be a high flying professional or technical expert moving into leadership and management and looking to up your game
  • You may be an experienced individual who is becoming overwhelmed by your workload and demands upon your time.  You may be seeking your next step on the ladder and wanting time to get clarity and hone your performance
  • You may have made that next step and feeling temporarily ‘out of your depth’ and looking for support to help you focus upon developing a fit for the role.

We are experienced at providing the right blend of support and challenge to enable you to take the time you need to gain clarity in your thinking and enabling you to take more effective action. AC_Main

Our support programmes are centred on face-to-face sessions, in complete confidence, at your place of work or another location if you prefer.  We can also offer phone, Skype, and email support as part of the package.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a powerful means of enabling individuals and teams to discover their own solutions to problems and to unlock their individual and collective potential. It is a dynamic process designed to improve performance through a combination of dialogue, experiential learning, and reflection.

Typical team coaching agendas might include:

  • Developing top teams
  • Relationship building within teams
  • Becoming a high performing team
  • Gaining clarity on, and understanding the team’s direction and priorities
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Understanding and realising the potential of the team’s inherent diversity, knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Enabling and improving effective teamwork and collaboration

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