Action Learning

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius

Action learning sets a framework for understanding and experimentation. It encourages individuals to work in a very practical way to work with real issues that are affecting their environment with a view to changing things for the better. It recognises the need for people to unlearn before they can go about learning to do something in a different way. Structured facilitation enables individuals to work together in a cycle of action, reflection, learning followed by more action to enable improvements in performance. The nature of group learning and facilitation enables everyone to have an active contribution in the learning experience of each participant.

As a trained facilitator of action learning sets Phil has worked with diverse groups of individuals to enable them to contribute within action learning sets, and also developed competence within groups to co facilitate their own learning over time.

We can help you to facilitate events with teams who have a problem that they want to work on.

We can help you introduce the concept and practice of running action learning sets to individuals and teams.

We can train you and your team to use action learning as an integral part of daily life.

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