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8 steps to achieving more in your life #NYR

never negations by sattva

never negations by sattva

Start #2014 how you mean to go on!

What’s holding you back?

It’s not always as easy as it looks.  Fear not help is on hand.

Eight steps to exercise your #thinking for 2014.  

Too often we jump in at step 4 How do I do that? – and wonder why we fail to achieve the outcome we seek. ladder to success 

Try something different as you start the new year and get curious about your motives for seeking change in your work, or life.  

Only by gaining a better understanding of steps 1- 3 and what motivates your thinking and feeling towards your chosen goal will you stand a realistic chance of making a sustainable change.

It takes time.  Investing time at the start will give you pay back in the long run.

Too many of us are temped to rush off at the start and leap to step 4.

You may find yourself revising one or more of your steps along the journey.  In practice it is rarely a straight march to achieve your chosen outcome.  

This is not wasted effort, but a healthy reminded that things change and that you need to remain aware of the impact of changes to your environment. 

same change button by Stuart MilesSo take the first step and decide what help you need to get clarity on steps 1 – 3.  People who are more successful at achieving their goals invest time and seek help to plan the best routes to achievement.  

We help individuals and teams to purposefully reflect upon their current challenges, and identify practical and pragmatic ways of getting balance back into the demands upon your life, and delivering positive results in life and work.

puzzle-solved2.jpgOur one to one support will help you to cut through to the nub of your personal, and organisational challenges and help you to facilitate a way forward that will give you: –

  • Clarity around the key business issues that you are facing and a clear plan to tackle them
  • New capabilities, and capacity to meet future challenges 
  • Greater personal job satisfaction
  • Strategies to deal more effectively with difficult people or situations in your working life
  • access to extra capacity and capability to enable you to deliver against your priorities

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