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A different view of change

I recently had another article published within The MJ about my views on organisational change. If you have not yet had a chance to read it then please follow the link below to view the article.

It’s a light hearted look at change.  It sums up my beliefs about leadership, and organisational change. I hope that you find it a thought provoking read.

I am currently looking for my next engagement, so when you have something on the books that might fit my expertise please give me a call and we can discuss how I can add value with your client.

I believe that you already have an up to date CV some where in your system, but if you would welcome another copy please drop me a line and I will let you have a copy by return.

Many thanks

Phil Badley

07805 597716

Follow the link below to the article

Dislocated approach to change

I help individuals and teams to purposefully reflect upon their current challenges, and identify practical and pragmatic ways of getting balance back into the demands upon your life, and delivering positive results in life and work.puzzle-solved2.jpg

My one to one support helps leaders cut through to the nub of their personal, and organisational challenges and helps  facilitate a way forward that will give them: –

  • Clarity around the key business issues that you are facing and a clear plan to tackle them
  • New capabilities, and capacity to meet future challenges 
  • Greater personal job satisfaction
  • Strategies to deal more effectively with difficult people or situations in your working life
  • interim capacity and capability to better meet their business objectives

About mushroomgrower

Leadership coach, systems thinker, interim manager, organisational development consultant, corporate director. Walker, motorcyclist, lifelong learner. Living in a very beautiful part of Lancashire with my wife and two fantastic young adults who keep me in tune with life.


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